Voices of Kwinana launch

On 15th May 2016, the Kwinana Public Library’s local history blog  “Voices of Kwinana” was launched at the “Our Heritage” event to celebrate Heritage Week in Kwinana at Sloan’s Reserve, located next to the historic Sloan’s Cottage in Leda. The contents of this blog will gradually replace the printed history of Kwinana, “Kwinana third time lucky”, which was published in 1979 with all the limitations of printed records – corrections and additional information could not be included. The Library has a Local History collection – annual reports, financial reports, and other documents by the Kwinana Council as well as other local organisations, pictures, maps and DVDs – most of which also exists in digitised format. The plan is to gradually add these records and the information they contain to the blog which can then be more easily and widely accessed. Enjoy reading the history of our community and please feel free to contribute anything which could be of interest.


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