Bus Station

The Kwinana Bus Station is located near the Kwinana Marketplace Shopping Centre, in Gilmore Avenue. There was previously a bus station located on the west side of Rockingham Road near the Thomas Road intersection. This was closed when the bus station moved to Gilmore Avenue which was extended to join Dixon Road in Rockingham in approximately 2000. The previous bus station has since been demolished. The name “Kwinana Hub Bus Station” was used while the adjacent shopping centre was named the “Kwinana Hub”, but the “Hub” has been demolished and replaced in 2013 by the Kwinana Marketplace. The word “Hub” was then left out of the name of the bus station and renamed “Kwinana Bus Station”.

Kwinana bus station construction 2012-08

Kwinana bus station construction August 2012
By User:Orderinchaos (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons