The Thomas family, early settlers

Captain John Thomas (son of John Foxon) was born in 1815 at Carmarthenshire in South Wales, and baptised in the name of John Thomas Foxon. When John Thomas senior and family went to London to sail with Peel, the Foxon family name was changed to Thomas; the indenture papers with Peel were signed using Thomas as the family name. Captain John’s grandmother’s maiden name was Thomas (Ann Thomas). Captain Thomas died on the 3rd June 1907 at his residence in Queen Street, Fremantle, which began with character-building hardships and later success. His fourth son, James Clifton Thomas born 21st June 1848, bought Cockburn Sound lot no. 200 on 25 February 1879, a split block of about 20 acres in what became East Rockingham (now Kwinana) near where Thomas Oval is now situated. Thomas Road and Thomas Oval are named after the family.