From Road Board to City

The Kwinana Road District was established in 1953 by severing the northern part of the Rockingham Shire (Kwinana Road District Act 1953).  A new township was needed to house the proposed BP Refinery as well as its workers. Harry McGuigan was appointed the first Commissioner of the Kwinana Road Board from 1954-1956, which was then extended for two years until December 1958. On 11th of February 1961 the Act was repealed, elections held and the first Road Board Chairman, Alfred Lydon, was elected. On 1st of July 1961 the Road District became a Shire with a president (Alfred Lydon 1961-1966, Frank Baker 1966-1977) and councillors. On 28th May 1977 the Shire of Kwinana became the Town of Kwinana with a mayor and councillors. On 17th September 2012 Kwinana became a city.

One thought on “From Road Board to City

  1. I live in Kwinana as it was known to us (On Kwinana Road). I am now I my 50’s & still to this day say it was the best time of my life. Living so close to the beach, going to the catholic school at Point Perron (on the beach) was so beautiful. The water was so prestige & thelife was the best

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