When Sloan’s Cottage was saved

Sloan’s Cottage is both a monument to Kwinana’s pioneers of a century ago and to the efforts of one lover of local history.

The above house was built about 1911 by George Samuel Sloan, on the site of an earlier cottage he had also put up.

By 1973, vandalism had reduced the cottage to such a dangerous state that Kwinana Council wanted to demolish it for safety reasons.

However, the deputy mayor, Wally Prockter, got permission to personally restore Sloan’s Cottage, so Kwinana’s residents could appreciate the European heritage of the district.

For more on the Sloan family, ask for a copy of Kwinana: Third Time Lucky at the Public Library.

One thought on “When Sloan’s Cottage was saved

  1. Wally Prockter was determined to save Sloans cottage and took on the might of the Kwinana council to do so. Single handedly he replaced the crumbling roof. He was a small, slim man but huge on determination. I wonder how he would feel to see his achievements “go global” on the internet.

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