Shipwrecks along the coast near Kwinana

The large number of ships wrecked along the coast of Western Australia was sometimes due to the powerful storms and gales which occur at certain times of the year when the wind is normally onshore. There was also a problem of sandbanks, islands and reefs which presented formidable obstacles for mariners and many sunken vessels have never been located. The shipwrecks near the Rockingham-Kwinana-Cockburn coastline … Continue reading Shipwrecks along the coast near Kwinana

SS Kwinana – a sad end for a pretty maiden

In 1912 the West Australian Government bought the SS Darius for the north-west coastal run and renamed it Kwinana, an Aboriginal word meaning “pretty maiden”. On Christmas Day 1920, she was severely damaged by fire at Carnarvon, and a year later was brought to Fremantle, stripped, and towed to a mooring in Cockburn Sound. She was originally offered for sale, but no takers. Her fate was decided … Continue reading SS Kwinana – a sad end for a pretty maiden

Named after a wreck

The rusting remains of the SS Kwinana used to be well known to thousands of holidaymakers. Although known as the ‘Kwinana Wreck’ it was not really a wreck. The 3,295-ton steamship had already been stripped of everything of value before she was abandoned. In her good years she was a coastal trader. At Carnarvon in 1920, fire broke out in the bunkers. After a hard … Continue reading Named after a wreck