East Rockingham

The east Rockingham area was the site of the original town of Rockingham from about 1830. The town derived its name from the ship Rockingham which was blown ashore in May 1830 opposite the present day Governor Road. The original settlement was established just over three kilometres inland at what became East Rockingham and today is the border between Rockingham and Kwinana. Peel sent a … Continue reading East Rockingham

Shipwrecks along the coast near Kwinana

The large number of ships wrecked along the coast of Western Australia was sometimes due to the powerful storms and gales which occur at certain times of the year when the wind is normally onshore. There was also a problem of sandbanks, islands and reefs which presented formidable obstacles for mariners and many sunken vessels have never been located. The shipwrecks near the Rockingham-Kwinana-Cockburn coastline … Continue reading Shipwrecks along the coast near Kwinana