Kwinana Maternity Hospital

Early in January, 1955, Dr. Roe, Superintendent of Fremantle Hospital, advised that the existing facilities at Fremantle could not meet the normal hospital needs of the 10,000 residents in Rockingham and Kwinana districts. Kwinana alone had 150 maternity cases in the preceding year and the lack of medical facilities became an issue pursued by the Medina Residents’ Association. At first it appeared that the government … Continue reading Kwinana Maternity Hospital

Teashop in Esperance was once the Wellard Hospital

Wellard Hospital – it was realised early in the 1920s that there was a need for a local hospital for the growing town of Wellard, particularly for maternity facilities as there was nothing else available on the Peel Estate. The Anglican minister at Wellard, the Reverend Sherwin, campaigned with the Department of Health and received much community support. To raise the necessary funds which were … Continue reading Teashop in Esperance was once the Wellard Hospital