Oral History – Samantha Ballard

In 2015, as part of the City’s History Now project, ten members of our Aboriginal community donated their time to share stories and information about local Indigenous culture and heritage. Samantha Ballard was born in Mullewa in 1973.  Her mother was part of the stolen generation and was a teacher at the MACC before becoming involved with Babbingur Mia Health Services in Rockingham. Samantha shares childhood memories … Continue reading Oral History – Samantha Ballard

Earliest memories of Kwinana: Trees

At the launch of Voices of Kwinana, we began to ask people:

“What’s your earliest memory of Kwinana?”

We invited everyone to participate, whether their first memory was attending the Heritage Week event that day or moving to the area decades ago. Collecting these memories, from a range of people, over a range of time, will allow us to create a wonderful timeline of first memories of Kwinana.

The responses given so far have a theme running through most of them: trees.

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Margaret Feilman (22 June 1921 –24 September 2013)

In 1951 Margaret Feilman began a long association with the Western Australian State Housing Commission where she had been given a four-year cadetship allowing her to qualify as an architect. After travelling and gaining experience both interstate and overseas, including gaining post-graduate qualifications in town and country planning at the University of Durham, Margaret opened her own practice as a town planning consultant and architect. … Continue reading Margaret Feilman (22 June 1921 –24 September 2013)

Thomas Peel, a leader or a loser?

Thomas Peel, born in Lancashire in 1793, was part of a wealthy family which had made money from cotton manufacturing. Perhaps wishing to better himself socially, the young Thomas decided not to join the family firm but chose instead to work with a firm of attorneys. After living briefly in Scotland, he moved to London with his wife and children with the intention of emigrating … Continue reading Thomas Peel, a leader or a loser?

The Thomas family, early settlers

Captain John Thomas (son of John Foxon) was born in 1815 at Carmarthenshire in South Wales, and baptised in the name of John Thomas Foxon. When John Thomas senior and family went to London to sail with Peel, the Foxon family name was changed to Thomas; the indenture papers with Peel were signed using Thomas as the family name. Captain John’s grandmother’s maiden name was … Continue reading The Thomas family, early settlers