The Kellogg Boys of Thomas Road

  In 1953, construction began on the Australasian Petroleum Refinery in Kwinana. The size of the project demanded a workforce of over 400 men, but the relative isolation of the site made transporting labourers in and out of the area a significant challenge. Some men undertook a 40 minute bus ride to Perth and back, but in order to increase efficiency Kellogg International Corporation, the company … Continue reading The Kellogg Boys of Thomas Road

Fun at Medina Fair

In May 1955, the Medina Parents and Citizens’ announced that a Medina Fair would be held in November 1955, and would be of a size and scope to rival the then famous Canning Show.  The main purpose behind the Fair was to raise £2,000 towards improvements and works at Medina School. The inaugural Fair commenced with a grand opening ceremony featuring asbestos-clad members of BP Refinery’s … Continue reading Fun at Medina Fair

Travel Back in Time with Granny Sloan

These memoirs were donated by Val Beckingham, Emma Sloan’s granddaughter, to Kwinana Heritage Group and are republished here with the Group’s permission. Mrs Emma Sloan, Her Last 20 Years contains a rich description of what Sloan’s Cottage and the surrounding land used to look like pre-World War Two and provide great insight into what life was like in the area prior to industrialisation and the creation … Continue reading Travel Back in Time with Granny Sloan

Then and now: Lipscombe Court, Medina

  While Kwinana is not known for its heritage architecture, No.3 Lipscombe Court deserves a special mention for its role in the early days of Medina Town. Prior to the construction of other entertainment facilities, this house operated as a social hub for Medina’s early residents as it was the family home of BP Refinery’s first Manager, Mr. George Cessford.  It was built in 1951, and … Continue reading Then and now: Lipscombe Court, Medina

Family History Month 2018 – Competition Winners and Kwinanians remembered!

Thank you to all the children who took part in this year’s Family History Month colouring-in competition! There were many beautiful entries and picking the winners was extremely challenging! The winners are: 4-6 yrs old – Shoma T. 7-9 yrs old – Vibha B. 10-11 yrs old – Ava C. Congratulations! Many thanks also to our community members who put on their detective caps and helped … Continue reading Family History Month 2018 – Competition Winners and Kwinanians remembered!

The Harts of Kwinana Theatre

Margaret and Trevor Hart arrived in Australia with three children in 1967 and settled in Kwinana early 1968. After enrolling the children in school and considering work opportunities, Trevor accepted a position with Alcoa, an association that lasted until retirement in 1997. After two years settling into Calista, Margaret, wishing to further her interests in artistic expression persuaded Trevor to attend an inaugural meeting for … Continue reading The Harts of Kwinana Theatre

From Medina’s Maestro to Tuesday Girls – Music binds Kwinana

In the early days of Medina Town, television had not yet touched Perth, let alone the remote industrial outpost of Kwinana! And so the BP Band stepped up to fill the entertainment void. One of the band’s first conductors was BP engineer, Walter A. Cooke.  Born in Sheffield, U.K. in 1910, Wally Cooke had considerable musical experience playing with the Salvation Army and had been … Continue reading From Medina’s Maestro to Tuesday Girls – Music binds Kwinana

Remembering the Manwarings

Residents of Medina 1953 – 1987 Bryan Manwaring 1913 – 1984  and Dorothy Manwaring 1917 – Joan Manwaring (Mrs Smithson) 1946 – Diana Manwaring  (Mrs  Hope formerly Mrs Belohlawek) 1949 – Tom Manwaring 1951 – Bryan Manwaring began working in Medina in March 1953. The State Housing Commission offered  the use of a house in Peake Way  Medina  to operate as a General Store and … Continue reading Remembering the Manwarings

Kwinana Maternity Hospital

Early in January, 1955, Dr. Roe, Superintendent of Fremantle Hospital, advised that the existing facilities at Fremantle could not meet the normal hospital needs of the 10,000 residents in Rockingham and Kwinana districts. Kwinana alone had 150 maternity cases in the preceding year and the lack of medical facilities became an issue pursued by the Medina Residents’ Association. At first it appeared that the government … Continue reading Kwinana Maternity Hospital

Can you help? Searching for Paddy Rogan’s Cottage

  We are trying to help on our our local History enthusiasts locate an image of the Rogan’s historic family home, a small cottage located in the bush just south of Wellard Road from the early 1950s to 1973. Paddy Rogan lived there with his wife and six children and was a long-time member of the Kwinana St Vincent de Paul Society. Initially, living conditions … Continue reading Can you help? Searching for Paddy Rogan’s Cottage