Then and now: Lipscombe Court, Medina


While Kwinana is not known for its heritage architecture, No.3 Lipscombe Court deserves a special mention for its role in the early days of Medina Town.

Prior to the construction of other entertainment facilities, this house operated as a social hub for Medina’s early residents as it was the family home of BP Refinery’s first Manager, Mr. George Cessford.  It was built in 1951, and boasted a tennis court and extensive gardens that were maintained by a full-time gardener.  The home was considered particularly luxurious at the time as it was one of the few brick homes in the area, most other residences being a mixture of wood and asbestos construction.

Although the house is not currently included in Kwinana’s Municipal Heritage Inventory, it still stands as an example of Medina’s early “dress circle” accommodation.

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One thought on “Then and now: Lipscombe Court, Medina

  1. Current owner comment: Thanks for posting this information on No 3 Lipscombe Court. Slight correction this house was possibly built in 1953 or 1954 as the plans were drawn up in 1953 for BP according to the copies we have. We love the character of this house. Purchased it in Nov 2013. We have done a lot of reno work to it more to be done. Great area to live. We have fantastic neighbours with a good sense of community. The property comes with great streetscape. If there are anymore photo’s or stories associated with the property would like to see the photos or know more.

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