Oral History: Lindsay Calyun

Lindsay Calyun is an Aboriginal elder.  He talks about his experiences as a volunteer with many services within the City of Kwinana and surrounding suburbs and explains the spiritual significance of Medina Hill as well as modern interpretations of the site. As a child, Lindsay was taken from his family and placed in Roelands Mission.  He describes his escape from the Mission and living on the … Continue reading Oral History: Lindsay Calyun

What’s in a name : Leda

Where do our street names come from?  The origins of street names can tell us a lot about our local history, and the people and events that shaped our suburbs. Origins of Leda street names We won’t lie, someone in Town Planning hailed from Somerset! Otherwise, the streets of Leda honour Town Councillors, Peel Estate settlers, 1950’s families as well as some Noongar words. Continue reading What’s in a name : Leda

A Winter Formal

  One of our wonderful volunteers discovered these beautiful portraits taken of Medina Junior High School students (now Gilmore College) at a winter dance, dated June 1959. The photos were part of the Principal’s School Journal and Daily Diary for that year.   These school diaries contained Superintendent’s reviews and notes for improvement, Head Teacher’s suggestion book as well as notes of school attendance, tests and examinations, … Continue reading A Winter Formal