Archivist Amnesia – Can You Help?

Every now and again we come across a photo or document we don’t know much about.  When this happens, we ask our community to help!

Do you know a thing or two about refinery construction? Can you identify what’s going on in this photo?

What we know already:

Image taken for Head Wrightson Pty Ltd to document the construction work at the BP Refinery, Kwinana, 1967.

The photo was taken by David McCowan, of 808 Hay Street Perth.

But just what is this big round thing?

One thought on “Archivist Amnesia – Can You Help?

  1. Hi people. I was an employee of BP oil refinery Kwinana up until 2014/2015
    I have talked to people who were working at the Refinery at the time the photo was taken. We are both of the opinion that this photo is of the Australian Iron and Steel works adjacent to the Okl Refinery (north side). AIS was a subsidiary of Broken Hill Prop Co – BHP. it processed iron ore from Koolyanobbing near Souther Cross. There is no familiar process plant on the oil refinery that resembles this structure
    That site is now mostly operated by the Port of Fremantle as part of its outer harbour operations after BHP closed down and the less rsverted to the State Govt

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