Archivist Amnesia – Can You Help?

Every now and again we come across a photo or document we don’t know much about.  When this happens, we ask our community to help! Do you know a thing or two about refinery construction? Can you identify what’s going on in this photo? What we know already: Image taken for Head Wrightson Pty Ltd to document the construction work at the BP Refinery, Kwinana, … Continue reading Archivist Amnesia – Can You Help?

1954, the Summer of Cinema

By the mid 1950s, thirty nationalities had joined the growing communities surrounding Medina. There were no large towns nearby, and public transport was limited. Only a few people could afford to own and run motor cars and it was  a two hour journey via public transport to reach Perth.  It was therefore understandable that most of the migrants who originated from large bustling European cities felt … Continue reading 1954, the Summer of Cinema