Oral History – Angus Walley


In 2015, as part of the City’s History Now project, ten members of our Aboriginal community donated their time to share stories and information about local Indigenous culture and heritage.

Angus Walley was born in Pinjarra in 1950 and attended Kwinana High School.  He describes what it was like to be the only Aboriginal boy at school, growing up without modern luxuries and his determination to get his family out of New Norcia Mission.  He also shares some of the history of the Medina Cultural Group now known as the MACC, Medina Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Angus Walley, 2015.


He explains the importance of recognising and preserving sacred sites, particularly local caves that could one day be an intriguing tourist attraction.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this interview may contain names of people who have since passed away.

Copies of the interview can also be borrowed from the Kwinana Public Library.

Relatives of Mr. Walley interested in obtaining a personal copy of this interview should contact the Local History Librarian on 9236 4300 or email voicesofkwinana@kwinana.wa.gov.au

Transcript of interview with Angus Walley

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  1. Thanks for your great story on your life and early memories of Kwinana Angus. I loved herring it. It’s amazing the changes that have taken place in Kwinana over such a relatively short time and the changes of life style that you and your family experienced on your journey. Congratulations to you on your long and productive career with the Kwinana Council and for the work on the MACC. It’s important that we all work together on the positive integration of cultures so that we have mutual respect and common purpose for the benefit of us all now and into the future. I hope more people can listen and learn from the stories of our early people here in Kwinana.

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