Earliest memories of Kwinana: Trees

At the launch of Voices of Kwinana, we began to ask people:

“What’s your earliest memory of Kwinana?”

We invited everyone to participate, whether their first memory was attending the Heritage Week event that day or moving to the area decades ago. Collecting these memories, from a range of people, over a range of time, will allow us to create a wonderful timeline of first memories of Kwinana.

The responses given so far have a theme running through most of them: trees.

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Voices of Kwinana launch

On 15th May 2016, the Kwinana Public Library’s local history blog  “Voices of Kwinana” was launched at the “Our Heritage” event to celebrate Heritage Week in Kwinana at Sloan’s Reserve, located next to the historic Sloan’s Cottage in Leda. The contents of this blog will gradually replace the printed history of Kwinana, “Kwinana third time lucky”, which was published in 1979 with all the limitations … Continue reading Voices of Kwinana launch

Margaret Feilman (22 June 1921 –24 September 2013)

In 1951 Margaret Feilman began a long association with the Western Australian State Housing Commission where she had been given a four-year cadetship allowing her to qualify as an architect. After travelling and gaining experience both interstate and overseas, including gaining post-graduate qualifications in town and country planning at the University of Durham, Margaret opened her own practice as a town planning consultant and architect. … Continue reading Margaret Feilman (22 June 1921 –24 September 2013)