Clarence Town

Clarence Town was a pioneer settlement of over 400 people established late December 1829 for Thomas Peel’s Land Settlement Scheme. The site was recommended by Governor Stirling as suitable for the landing of stores and perhaps for the establishment of a township. There has been debate as to the exact location of Clarence Town, but it is thought to have been at Mount Brown rather than Woodman Point, although there may have been plans to move the town there. The name “Clarence” was in honour of Britain’s Prince William who was created the Duke of Clarence and St Andrews in 1789 and inherited the throne in 1831. It was also referred to as Peelstown (after the originator of the scheme, Thomas Peel, or it may refer to a small area where some settlers were allowed to build on Peel’s grant) and Hooghly Town (after Peel’s second ship which arrived in 1830). The settlement did not survive long after 1830 due to its isolation, the number of deaths which occurred there and the failure of Peel’s Scheme.