Building a town

While the contractors worked on the steel towers and tanks near Cockburn Sound, a new town was emerging just a couple of kilometres away. BP Refinery (Kwinana) Ltd employed around 750 people. They and their families were to live, for the most part, in the township of Medina, which was built by the State Housing Commission. The State Government had committed to providing 1,000 homes … Continue reading Building a town

Building the refinery

Initial construction work on the refinery began on 1 October 1952, when subcontracts were let for fencing the site and for preliminary scrub clearing and road building. Within six months, the area was cleared and levelled, roads completed and temporary buildings to enable construction installed. Excavation work for the refinery began, and cement was poured in April 1953. By the middle of that year, 1,000 … Continue reading Building the refinery