When Sloan’s Cottage was saved

Sloan’s Cottage is both a monument to Kwinana’s pioneers of a century ago and to the efforts of one lover of local history. The above house was built about 1911 by George Samuel Sloan, on the site of an earlier cottage he had also put up. By 1973, vandalism had reduced the cottage to such a dangerous state that Kwinana Council wanted to demolish it … Continue reading When Sloan’s Cottage was saved

Named after a wreck

The rusting remains of the SS Kwinana used to be well known to thousands of holidaymakers. Although known as the ‘Kwinana Wreck’ it was not really a wreck. The 3,295-ton steamship had already been stripped of everything of value before she was abandoned. In her good years she was a coastal trader. At Carnarvon in 1920, fire broke out in the bunkers. After a hard … Continue reading Named after a wreck

Building an industry

Throughout 1953 contractors were hard at work erecting a steel city for Anglo-Persian (later BP) and Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd down on the beach front. Most of the contract workers were men who would have little to do with Kwinana’s future, and who were housed in a temporary construction camp. They knew that when the project was over they would be sent to some other … Continue reading Building an industry